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St Mary the Virgin Parish Church - Hutton

Notices and Services

‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord almighty. Zechariah 4 : 6 (NIV)

Sunday 17th March - Lent 2 - Healing Communion

10.00am Holy Communion I am the good shepherd (Readings: Psalm 23 John 10: 11 - 17)

Tuesday 19th March
1.30pm Funeral of Peter Gorman in church

Thursday 21st March
2.30pm Funeral of Karen Wheadon in church

Sunday 24th March - Lent 3
10.00am Mattins (Readings: 1 Corinthians 10: 1 - 13 Luke 13: 1 - 9)

Sunday 31st March - Lent 4 - Mothering Sunday
10.00am Family Service (Readings: 1 Samuel 1: 20 - end Luke 2: 33 - 35)

SERMON SERIES We have begun a 7 week series on the I am sayings of Jesus which tell us about who Jesus is and also how we should respond to Him. All the sermons will be available Here on the website if you miss them or wish to read them for yourselves.

LOVE HUTTON - This week cards will be delivered to: North Hills Close, Woodside. Please pray for the people who live there. Pray that people may respond and contact us.

KAREN WHEADON - Her funeral in church will be on Thurs 21st March at 2.30pm followed by a private committal at Ebdon Road. Please pray for Lin and her family and friends that the Lord will surround them all with His love and comfort.

LENT LUNCHES - Please come and join us! Once again, we are holding our Lent lunches as listed right. These are popular occasions when we come together to enjoy good simple food and enjoy friendship and fellowship. These events are open to everyone and all are most welcome, whether you worship in Hutton or not. We enjoy bread soup and cheese and make a donation which is sent to Christian Aid. In this way we raise money for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. If you would like a lift please ring Virginia 708924

MOTHERING SUNDAY - inviting people to come along with you to a service or events really works. Mothering Sunday offers us a great opportunity to do this. Please take a invitation flyer and invite a family member, friend or a neighbour to our Mothering Sunday services. Offer to meet them or pick them up and come along with you.

EASTER FLOWERS - Our church always looks even more amazing once our dedicated flower arrangers have been at work at Eastertime, but as we all know this comes at a cost. Flowers are quite expensive but it is a time when we can all contribute in some small way. If you would like to give money in remembrance of loved ones, or to celebrate an event, there will be a tin at the back of church and a list for you to share the reason for your donation. This will then be in church on Easter morning, another opportunity to give thanks. Many thanks.

PRAYER CASCADE - Kay would like to stand down from being a point of contact for the prayer cascade in Hutton. Would you like to be the replacement person for this important service? Please see Anne if you would like to do this - the ability to email is essential!

PRAYER REQUESTS. If you would like personal prayer on any Sunday please do make contact with Jane, Chris, Jean, Kay, Virginia, Jackie or Sue Orton, who will happily pray with you. If you would like a visit, please ring Virginia Hollis 708924 to arrange a visit.

ALPHA - please continue to pray for Alpha - there are now 16 people attending plus helpers. It is a great encouragement! We still need some people to supply a light lunch, people will be reimbursed for costs. Please sign the list in church or see Anne if you are able to help. You could always do this together with a friend as it is a lot of people to cater for.

Will you take on the Bishops’ Lent Challenge? LIVING WELL IN GOD’S WORLD: appreciation, concern, responsibility, incarnation, love, new creation. Sign up for challenges, readings, prayer and reflection direct to your inbox or download resources at: This Week - Creation is groaning. Challenges to choose from: _Take one of your journeys in a different way this week. Could you take public transport and/or walk to work, school or church? Or try cycling one or two days a week? _Drive greener! Under-inflated tyres increase your fuel consumption. Air conditioning uses extra fuel. Remove heavy items, roof-racks and roof boxes unless you need them for the trip. Drive smoothly – braking and accelerating waste fuel. Driving at 50-60 mph means your emissions will be lowest, with up to 25% higher emissions at 70mph.

PRAYER CHAIN - If you need prayer for yourself or another then there is a team of people ready to pray. For Locking, please contact Christine Sceeny phone 822331 or for Hutton Kay Cole phone 811424 and they will send out the prayer request. It would be lovely to know how the person we are praying for is getting on, or whether they still need more prayer. It is a great encouragement for us all to hear that God is answering our prayers, please send feedback to Christine or Kay. Thank you.

“WILDFIRE” by Roger Jones Saturday 11th May 7.30pm in Church If you would like to join the augmented choir, please contact Eric on 813716 for rehearsals on Thursdays at 7.00pm in St Mary’s Church. All welcome. Scores/words will be available.

Sunday 31st March - Mothering Sunday
Tuesdsay 2nd April 7pm Hutton APCM
Thursday 4th April 7pm Confirmation Service at All Saints' Wrington
Saturday 6th April Grand Event for the completion of the tower and bells work in Locking - see poster
Monday 8th April 7pm Locking APCM in the church centre
Tuesday 16th - Thursday 18th April Easter Holiday Club in Locking

Services at St Mary’s Hutton

March 2019
Sun 3rd March 10.00am Holy Communion
  6.00pm Informal Worship
Wed 6th March 7.00pm Ash Wednesday Holy Communion
Sun 10th March 10.00am Morning Worship in Hutton Village Hall
  6.00pm Evensong
Sun 17th March 10.00am Healing Holy Communion
  6.00pm Evening Prayer in Locking
Sun 24th March 10.00am Mattins
  6.00pm Holy Communion in Locking
Sun 31st March 10.00am Mothering Sunday Celebration

Services at St Augustine’s Locking

March 2019
Sun 3rd March 10.00am Family Service
  6.00pm Informal Worship in Hutton
Wed 6th March 7.00pm Ash Wednesday Holy Communion in Hutton
Sun 10th March 10.00am Healing Holy Communion
  6.00pm Evensong in Hutton
Sun 17th March 10.00am Family Service
  6.00pm Evening Prayer
Sun 24th March 10.00am Celebration Sunday in Church Centre
  6.00pm Holy Communion
Sun 31st March 10.00am Mothering Sunday Celebration