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St Mary the Virgin Parish Church - Hutton


The village of Hutton is in the county of Somerset, some four miles from Weston-super-Mare and the Bristol Channel. It is bordered to the north by the Hutton moors and to the south by pastures and woodland which are part of the Western seaboard of the Mendips. These woods and fields are part of the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

St Mary the Virgin is a traditional church offering a wide range of services and involvement within the community of Hutton. The church serves the parish which stretches from Oldmixon to part of the new Elborough estate.

It is bounded by Uphill, Bleadon, Banwell, Locking and Weston Parishes. We run Home Groups, Women's Fellowship, Bell ringers Group and Children's work, including Holiday Clubs and workshops.

Hutton is within the Diocese of Bath and Wells. See the Bath and Wells Website and a Map of the Deanaries within the area.

We are twinned with the Church of All Saints Battersea, and St Stephen's Church Debaso, Kenya.

To see photos of our church visit the Photo Gallery

For a Guided tour and more about the history see St Mary's Guide and History

Interment of cremated remains - Letter Oct 2019

The Benefice of Hutton and Locking

The Parishes of St Mary the Virgin, Hutton and St Augustine’s Locking are part of the one group or Benefice sharing the same Priest-in-Charge. Each church has its own identity with Hutton being more traditional and Locking more informal. Both churches work together and have a joint Leadership Team, Alpha Course, a joint Pastoral Team, a joint Ministry Team and a joint Home Group Leaders group. On a fifth Sunday we worship together in one of the churches.We also share an administrator who is based in Locking Church Centre. Both churches have the same aims:-

• To worship God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
• To grow in their relationship with God through prayer and teaching.
• To build a sense of family in each church and jointly.
• To serve and reach out to each of the communities that we live in.
• To do all this in the name of Jesus

Both churches are friendly and very open to new people joining – they are loving communities of people who love Jesus and who want to share this with others.

St Mary’s Church cares

Lord, teach us how to pray. Never has it been more important for us to repeat this request made by the disciples so many years ago. For those who would value prayer, for themselves or others, we have a:

Prayer Cascade

This means that a prayer request can be made via Kay Cole (811424) and she will send this to a list of people who want to be actively involved in the prayer life of the church. Your requests for prayer can also be pinned to the board at the back of church and Virginia will see that these are kept up to date.

St Mary's Bells

The bells of St Mary's Church have rung out over the village of Hutton for at least 450 years. They are rung for services, weddings and funerals. The bells have, also, been rung to mark notable occasions; in all probability the victory at Waterloo in 1815.. More recently thay have been rung to commemorate the Millennium, the Bi-Centenary of the Battle of Trafalgar in 2005 and half muffled to mourn Diana, Princess of Wales & The Queen Mother..

The church clock has told the time to the people of Hutton for over 100 years, chiming the hour and the quarters each day. The clock face is visible on the north side of the Tower.

The Tower of St Mary's Church contained five bells, the earliest dating back to 1637. This bell could have been cast in the churchyard. Little work had been carried out on the bells since 1915 when the third bell was recast and they were in need repair.

Work commenced in September 2009 with the removal of the clock by J B Joyce, followed by the bells in October by the Bell Engineer Matthew Higby. We acquired a reclaimed treble, which together with the five original bells, were tuned together at Whitechapel foundry and are now a harmonious ring of six. The frame and the bells were returned to the tower in October 2010, followed at a later date by the auto wound clock. Since then, they are rung for Sunday services, weddings and Wednesday practices.

Bells before restoration.

Bells after restoration

The service for the Re-dedication of the bells at St Mary the Virgin, Hutton took place on Sunday 23 January 2011. Conducted by Rt. Revd Peter Maurice Bishop of Taunton